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Door Glass Replacement

It’s conceivable that you’re unaware, but your car’s door windows can also break. 
We have seen everything, from a burglary to a stray softball. Our technicians can repair not only windshields but also the glass in your vehicle’s doors.

Multiple Door Glass Options

Your vehicle’s door glass cannot function correctly if the driver and passenger side windows are not operational. These windows must be devoid of any obstructions that could obscure the view outside.

Sunroofs and Moonroofs
A broken or damaged sunroof or moonroof could compound the damage to your vehicle by allowing dust, debris, or water inside.

Can you recall the small piece of glass you discovered wedged between the tire and back door of your car? Also replaceable is the glass in the valance window, also known as the quarter glass.

Controllers for Power Window Adapter
In modern automobiles, the “power window regulator” operates the windows. There are numerous reasons why a power window regulator may fail. To get you back on the road as quickly as possible, we will replace the power window regulators in the doors of your vehicle.

Our vehicle glass replacement specialist determines the correct size of glass for the automobile door. We promptly replace either the driver’s or passenger’s side window so you can regain control of the vehicle.

Nobody in Orange County is better than Auto Glass Pros of Anaheim when it comes to windshield replacement and repair. Our timely service, high-quality repairs, and attention to detail are well-known. Each customer’s vehicle is treated with the same degree of care and attention as our own. When repairing the windshield on your vehicle, we strictly adhere to the original equipment manufacturer’s (OEM) specifications to ensure your safety.

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What are the 6 factors that affect Windshield installation quality?

1. Exemplary Glassware
Two pieces of reinforced glass and a vinyl sheet are used to glue together windshield glass. A quality windshield will be an exact fit for your car in terms of tint, size, and other features such as a rain sensor. In order to avoid infringing on the intellectual property of the original glass makers, low-cost installations frequently use ill-fitting, thinner glass of a different dimension and thickness.

2. Molding
If you inspect your windshield closely, you will notice that a rubber seal covers all or a portion of it. In most cases, a replacement windshield will be placed in place of the molding.

3. Urethane
Urethane is used to seal the windshield to the vehicle. Following installation, it is not safe to drive your vehicle until the urethane has sufficiently cured and formed a strong bond. If the windshield is not correctly fixed, a collision could result in severe injury or death.

4. Moisture and Temperature
During installation, the rate at which the urethane cures depends on the ambient temperature and humidity. Your technician should always provide you with a time when you can leave the premises in peace.

5. Windshield Frame
If your windshield is rusted or warped, it may not be compatible with your replacement windshield. If fitted in a car with a weakened frame, high-quality auto glass may still represent a threat.

6. Capacity to Install Correctly
If a windshield installer lacks the essential knowledge and experience, not even the highest-quality materials can save the day. It is prudent to invest a bit more on a reputable installation service. A suspiciously cheap price for windshields may indicate that the work was subcontracted to an unqualified company.

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