Rear Window Replacement

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Rear Window Replacement

Back windshields may not crack as frequently as front windshields since they are less likely to be struck by road debris, insects, or even birds, but this does not mean that they will never shatter or require maintenance.

Substitution of the back window

  1. Before we leave the business to install the glass in your home, we double-check the size and form of the glass to ensure it’s accurate. (our mobile service is free). Every automobile installation begins with a comprehensive examination of the part’s condition to determine whether or not it must be replaced.
  2. Before installing new auto glass, it is important to remove the damaged glass from the vehicle. Then, we thoroughly clean the inside of your vehicle. Debris from damaged rear windows flies everywhere, causing chaos. We begin by cleaning off the newly installed glass, followed by the installation of the rear defroster and replacement window.
  3. From removing the broken glass to replacing it, the entire process takes roughly an hour. After that, you must wait an extra hour for the urethane to cure before resuming control of the vehicle.

Auto Glass Pros of Anaheim is the most contemporary windshield replacement and repair company in Orange County. We are renowned for our timely service, courteous employees, and high quality repair work. Each customer’s vehicle receives the same personalized care as our own. To ensure your happiness and safety, we always replace windshields according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Contact us if you need to replace the vehicle’s rear window. In order to provide you with the best service possible, we have made replacing the rear window glass simple and quick. ​​

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Broken rear glass window

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Vandalism Safety Tips

Due to roadside collisions and severely cold weather, the windshield and other auto glass components are prone to peeling, fracturing, and even cracking.

In addition to these problems, vandalism also causes damage to window glasses and automotive windshields. Automobile windshields are made of tempered glass, but accidents still occur.

Here are some precautionary steps to take against vandalism:

  • If vandalism has happened and a report must be filed, contact the police. Contact a reputable auto glass repair shop if you need to repair or replace the glass on your vehicle.
  • Contact your auto insurer to discuss making a claim for repair expenses.
  • You should contact your bank immediately to cancel your credit cards and/or cheques if you lose your wallet and any of the cards within.
  • If you lose your car keys, you should have a locksmith create a replacement set.
  • In the event that you lose your cell phone while driving, contact your carrier immediately.
  • If one of your credit cards goes missing, you should immediately report a probable scam to all three credit reporting agencies.

The only way to prevent vandalism is to employ extreme measures. Hide any valuable items that may attract thieves or vandals. If you must park in a questionable place, do not even consider leaving any documents in your vehicle.

You should make copies of your critical documents, such as your passport, driver’s license, bank and credit cards, and store them in a secure location at home. Always search for well-lit, secure parking spaces. Turn off the vehicle and ensure that the trunk and all doors are locked.

Notify the police if you must park your vehicle in a public area for an extended period. If your home has a garage or driveway, you need to install a security system.
If you have a driveway, you should install lights between your home and garage. If you must leave your vehicle on the street at night, parking beneath a streetlight or another source of illumination is an excellent choice.

Even though it is expensive, you should purchase a car cover. A substantial car cover may prevent vandals who were contemplating vandalizing your vehicle. Include a locking mechanism in the wheel design. Your vehicle will be significantly safer as a result.

Possible significant expenditures linked with vandalism. Standard insurance policies often cover vandalism losses. Nevertheless, prevention is always better than issue resolution. To the greatest extent practicable, endeavor to avoid vandalism.

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