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Windshield Replacement

When windshield cracks are modest and easily mended, it is not necessary to replace the windshield. However, if you wait and the cracking gets worse, you may need to purchase a replacement.

Because we care about our customers, Auto Glass Pros of Anaheim will always opt to repair rather than replace their glass whenever possible. We replace windshields only when it is absolutely essential. We make every effort to give you with the best, most cost-effective, and environmentally-friendly options, but sometimes the damage and cracks in a windshield are too extensive and replacement is the only option.

The following steps comprise our windshield installation procedure:

  1. Before deciding whether or not to repair the windshield, our highly skilled and experienced staff will evaluate the windshield at your location to determine the degree of the damage.
  2. Our professional specialists will replace your broken windshield with new, high-quality vehicle glass, thereby enhancing your safety on the road.
  3. We will implant it with the most advanced adhesives, primers, and technology available.
  4. We will clean all the glass and dispose of any fragments.

Auto Glass Pros of Anaheim is the most contemporary windshield replacement and repair company in Orange County. We are known for our rapid service, friendly employees, and high repair standards. Each automobile is treated as if it were our own, and we guarantee complete customer pleasure. We fix windshields on any vehicle according to the manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure your safety and complete satisfaction.

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How do you replace your windshield?

There is a valid reason why changing your windshield should not be done frequently. Time, effort, and skill are all necessary. Due to a single miscalculation, the glass could shatter or split at the most inopportune moment. The need of a safe windshield is frequently neglected until it is too late. It is preferable to have a professional do the replacement, and we’re not simply saying that to get you to pay the accident repair business. Nonetheless, if you have the motivation and time to study, the following steps will help you get started.

1. Discard everything
For the whole width of the windshield to be visible, the area surrounding it must be cleaned. After removing the hood, remove the windshield wipers, trim, and any clips securing them. Due to the variety of windshield constructions, removing the molding may require a single piece or multiple distinct pieces and clips. Certain clips can be opened by hand, while others require a screwdriver.

2. Create a Strategy
Determine the most efficient way to detach the windshield from the welded metal of the vehicle’s frame. (called the pinch-weld.) The windshield can be removed from both the interior and exterior of the vehicle, and a specialized knife or razor is normally needed for the task. You must examine the angles closely to determine how well yours fits and how best to cut through the urethane across the entire rim. You can find a tutorial tailored for your model by searching YouTube.

3. Remove the windshield from the vehicle
This is going to be challenging. Trimming the urethane seal that holds the laminated glass in the metal frame in place. Since there is greater space outside, most individuals choose to address the issue from there, despite the fact that doing so can be risky. If the urethane strip wasn’t thick enough, the car’s glass may shatter. (more than an eighth of an inch). Utilize a knife with an extended handle and repeatedly slice the urethane from the inside out until it is totally slashed. Gloves are required for safety reasons. Carefully remove the glass from the interior once you’re finished. Assuming the urethane was cut properly, it would easily pop out. The glass is heavy, so you may require assistance in order to move it.

4. Tidying Up
A brush and some water are sufficient to eliminate any dirt. Before applying new urethane, it is essential to prepare the region. After sanding the pinch weld to remove rust, any leftover urethane can be removed with a razor. Before applying additional urethane, ensure that the previous coating is at least 3 millimeters (3/16 of an inch) thick. Prime the pinch weld with a substance recommended by the manufacturer of the urethane, then apply it according to the primer’s instructions. According to a number of primers, the perimeter of the new windshield should also be primed. Priming increases adhesion and aids in preventing future corrosion, therefore it should not be skipped.

5. Coat the exterior with urethane
For a seamless appearance, apply a generous bead of urethane along the entire border of the pinch weld using a caulking gun. It has been discovered that triangular-shaped extruded beads offer the most ideal results. We advise using an electric caulking gun to create a barrier of urethane consistency between the pinch weld and your windscreen. Any hardware store will sell you one if you don’t have one. If your urethane bead has holes or cracks, you can repair them with a putty knife or a flat-bladed screwdriver.

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